“In hope of eternal life, which God, that cannot lie, promised before the world began” – Titus 1:2

LIGHT FOR NOW: The believer in Christ has received eternal life and it is eternal, implying it cannot be lost once received.

The Old Testament books of the bible could be referred to as the promises of God. They are the books of the bible containing the prophecies and promises of Christ and what God will fulfill in Christ which has been fulfilled in the New Testament. So, what was promissory to people in the Old Testament era is promised fulfilled to us in our era. What they looked forward to see in their era, we don’t look forward to see in our era because we have the fulfillment in our era. So, eternal life therefore will be one of the promises of God in the Old Testament. This word “promise” (in Titus 1:2) which is gotten from “epaggelia” in the Greek shows an announcement, a commitment to perform or do something. It is not a mere intention. When the word is used, it suggests that the recipient is to do nothing, but only to receive. Since there is no performance on the recipient’s part, the word “epaggelia” unfolds that once the promise is received, it cannot be nullified or undone. God’s promises in Christ once received, cannot be reversed.

This means that I can’t receive eternal life in Christ and then lose it. I can’t be saved and later lose salvation. That’s why when you talk about eternal life, and then think of a believer going to hell, then you are mentally agitated. What is spectacular about God’s promise in Christ is that it cannot be undone or nullified once it is received.

  • Eternal life was a promise in Christ in the Old Testament.
  • Salvation which is eternal life was God’s promise in the Old Testament.

Since this promise has been fulfilled in us:

  • Then, eternal life cannot be lost.
  • Salvation cannot be lost.

You are only tossed to and fro when you talk about a believer having eternal life and later saying the believer can go to hell on the basis of works (bad works or deed; acts of sin or errors). If performance or works (good or bad) didn’t get you eternal life, how will performance now send you to hell? The one that has eternal life cannot go to hell. He is eternally saved. This is the assurance of your salvation. Do you have eternal life? Yes! Then your salvation is insured and assured. You cannot go to hell. Glory!

INSTRUCTION: The life you have is called eternal life, implying you cannot lose it. Acknowledge this.

CONFESSION: I acknowledge that I have the life of God which cannot be lost. I am saved eternally because I have eternal life.

QUOTE: The man in Christ has eternal life which cannot be lost because it is eternal.


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Light from the word is a scripture based daily devotional by Prophet (Dr.) John Linus, Senior Pastor Word of Faith Covenant Assembly Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

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