My little children, these things write I unto you that ye sin not. And if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous. And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world – 1John 2:1-2

LIGHT FOR NOW: Your union with the Father is an inseparable union, even your misdeeds cannot break it.

Having established the fundamental about forgiveness from day 1 to 13 of this study, let’s now begin to explore into the high point of this study as it relates with the believer and sin (misdeeds, errors, misconduct, acts of sin). It is very important that you don’t lose sight of the fundamental studies we’ve done so far because of the different directions we will be travelling through as the study continues. Recall, the believer is one whose sins have been forgiven eternally (past, present and future). Now we will begin to examine acts of sin and the believers’ relationship with God and this is to the end that we let the consciousness of who we are in Christ reflect our conducts. The first question we will ask and answer is, do believers sin? In our key text, John gives us a lead “My little children…” Now, who was he referring to as little children? It is important to note firstly that any time John spoke to believers in his epistles, he was specific. For instance, in 1John 2:12, he wrote to little children which was in reference to believers; in verse 13 of the same chapter, he made use of the word fathers and young men, however, still talking to believers. When he used the term “little children” in 1John 2:1, he was in no doubt talking to believers. Observe John’s next statement, “If any man sin” which is in reference to the believers he addressed as little children. He now says “we have an advocate”. Now John identifies with the believers by using the word “we”. This statement, “if any man sin, we have an advocate” includes the writer. So we can deduce that believers sin. But John now says we have an advocate with the Father and this advocate is the one who is the propitiation for our sins. So, John firstly, in writing about what happens if the believer sins show us that we have an advocate who offered Himself for our sins.

So John lets us know that sin cannot affect God’s relationship or fellowship with the believer. In 1Corinthians 8:7-12, there is an instance here where a believer sinned by acting without considering the conscience of another believer by eating food offered to idols. Sin in this instance is to act without considering other believers; that is, to act contrary to the love of God in us. So what defines sin to a new creature? The love of God is what defines sin to a new creature. Believers do sin when they act contrary to the word of God or when they act contrary to the realities revealed in the word of God. However, individual misconducts as believers donot change the fact that they are saved and forgiveness of sins is an inheritance in Christ. This means that salvation is too secured to the point that no individual misdeed can make such individual lose his salvation neither his fellowship nor relationship with the Father. This union we have with the Father is too strong that not even our misdeeds can separate us from the Father; it is called an inseparable union. No wonder our salvation is eternal. The writer of Hebrews makes it clear that we have eternal redemption in Hebrews 9:12 “Neither by the blood of goats and calves, but by His own blood, He entered in once into the Holy place, having obtained eternal redemption for us”. So, the redemption He obtained for us is eternal and nothing can be done to change that fact. You are saved to the uttermost. Hallelujah!!!

INSTRUCTION: You have an inseparable union with God; acknowledge this.   

PRAYER: Thank you dear Lord for the inseparable union I have in you in your son, in Jesus Name. Amen.

QUOTE: Your salvation is eternal and thus your union with the Father is eternal.


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Light from the word is a scripture based daily devotional by Prophet (Dr.) John Linus, Senior Pastor Word of Faith Covenant Assembly Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

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