“Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” – Matthew 5:3

LIGHT FOR NOW: Growing in knowledge is very vital in the Christian life.

In the course of this study, we have come to discover that the believer is not poor in the spirit but he is rather rich in the spirit because he has been indwelt by God’s spirit. In other words, that indwelling of God’s spirit in the believer is his richness in the spirit. Thus, it will be out of place to refer to the believer as one who is poor in the spirit. The absence of God’s spirit or the lack of God’s spirit is being poor in the spirit, the indwelling of God’s spirit or the presence of God’s spirit in man (the born again man) means that man is rich in the spirit. Furthermore, we discovered that the word, ‘blessed’ means ‘happy’. What then is there to be happy about? Why should one who is destitute or in lack of God’s spirit be happy? What is the reason for this happiness? And we saw that the reason for this happiness is because ‘theirs is the kingdom of heaven’. Does this therefore mean that the kingdom of heaven is only for the poor in spirit or does it mean that it is the poor in spirit that will make it to the kingdom of heaven. In other words, will the believer who is rich in the spirit not be a part of the kingdom of heaven or is the kingdom of heaven not meant for the believer? To arrive at an accurate answer of the above question, the first most important question that must be settled is what is the kingdom of heaven? To answer this question, it is important we settle in our mind those that are poor in the spirit.
Obviously, the poor in the spirit will be in reference to the unsaved man (the man that is not born again), because this is the man that is not indwelt by the spirit and thus, this man is destitute of the spirit and in lack of the spirit and the things of the spirit. We can safely relate this text (Matthew 5:3) to the immediate audience of Jesus because as at the time Jesus communicated in this manner, his immediate audience were not indwelt by the spirit because Jesus had not yet died, and the spirit was only available in the resurrection. Also, we can safely relate Matthew 5:3 to the believer before he became a believer; that is before the believer believed, his state could be defined as ‘poor in spirit’. So, the believer was once poor in spirit when he did not believe in the gospel. But the day he believed, the Holy Spirit entered him and his status changed from being poor in the spirit to being rich in the spirit. Already, this has unfolded the reason for the happiness in Matthew 5:3 and we will see more in the proceeding days. Glory!!

INSTRUCTION: Go for knowledge.

PRAYER: The eyes of my understanding is enlightened, in Jesus name, Amen.

QUOTE: Your spiritual growth is directly proportional to the knowledge of God’s word you have.


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Light from the word is a scripture based daily devotional by Prophet (Dr.) John Linus, Senior Pastor Word of Faith Covenant Assembly Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

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