But what saith it? The word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth and in thy heart; that is, the word of faith, which we preach”   –   Romans 10:8

LIGHT FOR NOW: The Word of God is the final authority for every believer.

Having understood who you are and what you have in Christ, you need to engage your spirit man to possess your inheritance and possessions in God. You must lay hold on your rights and privileges in Christ by standing on and speaking the word of faith in prayers. The word of God must therefore dwell in you richly. The Word of God contains the promises of God in Christ which are in him ‘yea and amen’ (2 Corinthians 1:20). You must let your thoughts be centered on the promises of God in his word: what Christ has done for you and what he can do through you. Refuse to consider any alternative. Refuse to focus on the problem but on the solution already provided by God in His word. Meditate on them as you call them to heart and release them to go into operation by consciously declaring the word of God that pertains to your situation.

Address the situation and bring it under the obedience and subjection of the authority of the word of God and in the name of Jesus Christ; both in your thoughts, imaginations and words. The word of God is the final authority of every believer. It is our fuel for faith and the weapon of our victory. Your faith is dependent on the promises and prophecies of God fulfilled in Christ but hid in his word. It is the glory of God to conceal a thing but the honour of kings to search it out (Proverbs 25:2). Therefore, search out your inheritance from the scriptures and possess them in prayer and meditation. Address whatever situation and circumstance of life you face by declaring the word. By so doing, you engage your spirit man with the word of faith.

INSTRUCTION: Engage your spirit man with the word of faith.

PRAYER: Father, I ask for the grace and diligence to study your word and mix your word with faith for the manifestation of your power in my life, in Jesus Name.  Amen.

QUOTE: Faith is not an event, Faith is a person.


Published by lightfromtheworddevotional

Light from the word is a scripture based daily devotional by Prophet (Dr.) John Linus, Senior Pastor Word of Faith Covenant Assembly Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

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